What the fork?

What is Forked?

Forked is the hackable merch platform. A place where you can code your own t-shirts using HTML and CSS, either just for fun or to purchase. You can fork existing designs or create your own from scratch. Happy hacking!

What is hackable merch?

Hackable merch is our term to describe merch that has been designed with code. One of the coolest things about the designs being coded is that they can be forked and hacked on by anyone just like open source software.

Forked uses Printful to print and ship t-shirts on demand. Printful uses a direct-to-garment (DTG) printing method that allows single run prints, perfect for our needs. You can read more about DTG printing on the printful website.

Where can you ship to?

Forked uses Printful to print and ship t-shirts on demand. That means we can ship to anyhere in the world that Prinful ships. That is currently worldwide excluding Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Crimea, Syria, and North Korea. You can read more about international shipping on the Prinful wesbite.

How long does delivery take?

It takes between 4 and 12 business days to print and ship your order.

What is your returns policy?

If you believe the item you have received is defective, it must be sent to the return address specified on the package within 4 weeks after receiving the product. Please contact us before returning the product. Unfortunately, due to the print-on-demand nature of our products we cannot accept returns for buyers remorse or for incorrect sizes. Please use our product size guide before purchasing.

What payment methods do you accept?

Forked accepts most major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay via Stripe.

Which fonts can I use in my designs?

Forked supports a selection of Google fonts, as well as Inter and Dank Mono. Other fonts will work in your browser when coding a design, but might not work on the generated design. If you think we should add a font then get in touch. Looking for Helvetica? It’s not there, but we suggest Inter.

Font name CSS Details
Alva font-family: 'alvaregular'; See designs using Alva
Amatic SC font-family: 'Amatic SC'; See designs using Amatic SC
Anton font-family: 'Anton'; See designs using Anton
Bangers font-family: 'Bangers'; See designs using Bangers
Caveat font-family: 'Caveat'; See designs using Caveat
Creepster font-family: 'Creepster'; See designs using Creepster
Dank Mono font-family: 'dm'; See designs using Dank Mono
Dark Heart font-family: 'DarkHeart Script'; See designs using Dark Heart
Eater font-family: 'Eater'; See designs using Eater
Endless Bummer font-family: 'ENDLESS BUMMER'; See designs using Endless Bummer
Faster One font-family: 'Faster One'; See designs using Faster One
Fat font-family: 'Fat';
Inter font-family: 'Inter'; See designs using Inter
Kung Font font-family: 'Kungfont'; See designs using Kung Font
Metal Lord font-family: 'metal_lord'; See designs using Metal Lord
Monoton font-family: 'Monoton'; See designs using Monoton
Nova font-family: 'Nova'; See designs using Nova
Selfish font-family: 'Selfish'; See designs using Selfish

How should I write my CSS?

Write your CSS as you normally would, with two important exceptions:

  1. Don't use pixel units. Instead, use viewport relative units such as vh and vw. This will ensure your design scales correctly for printing. Don't worry, we check every design before it is printed and will get in touch if we notice anything that won't work well.
  2. Don’t rely on opacity. T-shirt printers struggle with opacity, so instead use solid colors.

If you have any queries about CSS on Forked, get in touch.

Will you offer hoodies/mugs/something else?

We hope so! But we’re not there yet. Let us know which products you would like to see.

How can I contact Forked?

Email us at support@51stparallel.com, join the Spectrum community or reach us on Twitter.